The recovery, under the best possible circumstances, of edible products (such as meat, fish, fruits or vegetables pulp, etc), which, without the machine, would be wasted, because separating the non-edible parts would be too difficult or too costly. And this with the advantage to process the raw products without destructuring the recovered product.

These machines are used for:

  • Meat-bone separation of
    • Pork bones
    • Poultry carcasses-frames-wings- V-bones - …
  • Recuperation of fish meat from the bones, V-cuts, frames or cuttings.
  • Separation of pips and skins in fruits and vegetables.

Quality of end product:

The end-product will be finely minced meat, fish, pulp, etc. that is a substance that reduces very little when cooked, to which large quantities of water may be added, which will bind together without difficulty. It is not a mass of proteins without any technical quality.

The Lima system gives you:

  • continuous operation
  • no pre-breaker needed
  • nice fibrous meat texture
  • very low temperature rise
  • hygienic operation
  • very easy to operate and quick to clean

Different models are available from 200 kg/h to 20.000 kg/h, depending on the amount of raw product the client has available per hour. We also offer complete equipment such as automatic feeding and weighing systems, mixers, metal detectors, fatanalysers, etc